The Biograph Diner is a 1960's theme diner born out of a time when simple everyday American fan fare was a way of life for Americans. The diner is a continuation of the previous restaurant, Clarke's, which had been established in 1985. The Biograph diner is located in the historical Biograph Theatre building of which its name bares. Featured in Michael Mann's timepiece Public Enemies staring Johnny Depp and Christian Bale, the cast made this restaurant its own personal hangout during the filming. The street was literally reverted back to 1934 where the infamous bank robber John Dillinger and his illicit ways finally caught up with him and conduced his demise just a down the street by the alley. The food here is simple, timeless and classic, The burgers are unique and special made from our special blend and always fresh. The omeletes are baked. The sandwiches are throwback. Soups are made from scratch. Bread is fresh. Hash-browns cooked every morning. Desserts dynamic, So sit back and enjoy the food that you will not find anywhere else a city filled with great restaurants.. Hopefully you will think ours is one of them.

      Breakfast Anytime. Burgers fresh every day. Eat dessert first!

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